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10/12/09 10:44 AM #1    

Sandra Carter (Ginn) (1970)

Welcome to the Leesburg High School Classes Of 1968 - 1972 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

11/05/09 08:58 AM #2    

Sandra Carter (Ginn) (1970)

I look forward to seeing all of my former classmates; and, the teachers who are able to join us. I'm really glad to have re-connected with Gail Hanson Barnard via Facebook (thanks, Frankie Proctor Wood). Gail sat behind me in Mr. Smith's 5th grade class at Skeen.:)
Frankie and I have talked Gail into coming to the reunion. Can't wait!

11/12/09 05:32 AM #3    

Becky Barr (Padilla) (1970)

Hey Everyone. I am looking forward to this Reunion. I had a blast seeing everyone at the last one. Can't believe that was the first Reunion I had attended.

11/22/09 08:35 AM #4    

Frances (Frankie) Proctor (Wood) (1970)

It's been such a long time since I've seen most of you. Life has taken all of us on a bizarre and interesting ride. Now that we are in our late 50's, it's time to enjoy our next ride. I appreciate being able to attend this 40th reunion even though I didn't graduate from LHS but from another school, my memories of most of you from Skeen,Leesburg Jr High,Beverly Shores and one year at LHS in the 8th grade are still very vivid in the back of my mind and I'm looking forward to renewing those friendships again.

12/09/09 08:44 AM #5    

Mary Ann Radosti (Wettstein) (1970)

Amazing that I am still in Leesburg and never really lived anywhere els.

It will be awesome to see how every is doing.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone as well.

02/01/10 11:34 PM #6    

Jenny Kay Thoburn (Donovan) (1970)

Hello Everyone, I hope to come to the reunion. I will enjoy watching all of you celebrate your 40th, but you know I can't possibly be that old. (There must be some mistake about the dates). No, really...

See Ya!

02/02/10 12:14 PM #7    

Juli Davis (Thornton) (1970)

Can't believe it's been 40 years, sometimes it feels like it was yesterday. Looking forward to seeing lots of old friends. This will be the first reunion that I will be able to attend!!

02/18/10 06:43 AM #8    

Sandra Carter (Ginn) (1970)

Attn: All Facebook users -- there is now a Facebook LHS Classes of '68-'72 2010 Reunion page. Join in the conversations!

03/07/10 03:06 PM #9    

Frances (Frankie) Proctor (Wood) (1970)

Loved the story about Carney's Drug Store. It brought back some great memories...especially the ice cream and the comic book rack (Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead.) Great story! Gave me chills. Thanks for the memories, Bob!

09/06/10 06:04 AM #10    

Sandra Carter (Ginn) (1970)

Via Reunion website:

Leesburg High School
Classes Of 1968 - 1972
From: Rosalie Hull

Dear members of the reunion committee,
Thank you so very much for even remembering your OLD teachers. I enjoyed seeing so many of you from the past. Good fellowship, good food, too.
Thanks again. Rosalie Hull, Skeen Music Teacher 1963-91 and 1995-2000.
Via Facebook:
Dorrice Wallis Oh what a beautifup m-o-o-o-or-ning! Oh what a beautiful day! Blessing piled upon blessing. I can't begin to thank you all enough, LHS Classes of '68-'72 for the loving reception you gave me, and even more for the beautiful singing and direction - so proud of all of you. Looking at those faces and listening to the sound...Oh my goodness! I guess I must have done something right all those years - lol!

12/20/10 06:28 AM #11    

(Coach) Ken Smith

So great to attend reunion...thanks for allowing me to come....

Coach Smith


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