Holiday 2018 Class Party

2018 Holiday Party:

Front row: Wendy, Danny, Kenny, Betsy;

Debbie, Carol Ann, Judi, Kris, Robin, Sandra;

Dee Dee, Marilyn, Ross, Mike, Meredith, Debra;

 Terre, Tom, David

Danny, Kris, Debbie, Judi

Meredith, Mikie, Betsy

Pen Smith, Carol Ann, Ross

Marylen, Mike, Debra

Wendy, Meredith, Betsy

Wendy Miller, Danny Simmons, Kenny Mitchem, Betsy Barbieux,;

Debbie Simmons, Carol Ann Smith, Judi Kerr, Kris Ogden, (far right) Robin Bass, Sandra Ginn; 

Dee Dee Gunter, Marilyn Hoag, Ross Moore, Mike Dozier, Meredith Kirste, Debra Stivender;

Terre Peter, Tom Keedy, David Clark



Below are pictures from the 2017 holiday party at Sip Restaurant and Jazz Bar, Leesburg, Florida:

Front row: Sandra Carter Ginn and Danny Simmons; 2nd row: Debbie Shoop Simmons, Betsy Barbieux, Kenny Mitchem, Robin Bass; 3rd row: Pat Cox Hux, Meredith Kirste (blue coat), Marilyn Hoag (black top), Ross Moore, Sam Rixie (green shirt), and Mike Foard; Back row: Darrel Craine, Marshall Hux (Pat's spouse), Mike Dozier, David Clark, Terri James Peter, Tom Keedy, Karen English (Rob's spouse), and Rob English.

David Clark, Sam Rixie (green shirt), Mike Dozier 

      Sandra Ginn, Marilyn Hoag, Betsy Barbieux, and Debbie Simmons

Rob English, Robin Bass, Ross Moore, Mike Foard, and Kenny Mitchem

A friendly bunch of LHS classmates.

December 2017 



Below are pictures from the 2016 Holiday party at Sip Restaurant and Jazz Bar, Leesburg Florida: 

Thanks go to Matt Tutton for sharing his pictures of The Main Street Clydesdale Parade.  



Below: Pat Cox Hux, Sam Barber, and Betsy Barbieux

Below: Guest Cheri Sutherland English, Classmates Kenny Mitchem and Kathie Miller Ragan,

and Guest Matt Tutton

Below: Classmate Debbie Hunt Stivender and Guest Frank Stivender;

Classmates Kris Witter Ogden and Ross Moore  

Below: Guest Donnie Allison; Classmates David Clark, Meredith Kirste, Sam Barber

Below: Judi Sloan Kerr and Wendy Lorenze Miller

Below: Guest of Marilyn Hoag, Marilyn Hoag, Guest Bill Kerr, Danny Simmons, Judi Kerr,

Debbie Shoop Simmons and Kris Ogden

Below: Sam Barber and Tom Keedy

Below: Glenna Hancock, Robin Bass, Ross Moore

Below: Carol Ann Morris Smith, Glanna Hancock, Judi Kerr

Below: Marilyn Hoag, Mike Dozier, Betsy Barbieux, Pat Hux

Below: Budweiser Clydesdales' Parade on Main Street, just outside Sip 

Below: Group picture by Matt Tutton

Below: Vintage Leesburg Fire Truck with Miss Leesburg 2016 aboard, leading The Clydesdale's mini-parade.

Photo by Matt Tutton


Below are pics from the 2014 Holiday Party at Zachary's Bar and Grill in Leesburg:

Kenny Mitchem is on the left; on the right are Sam Rixie and Ross Moore

Kenny Mitchem and Kathie Miller Ragan

Left to right: Mrs. Ernie (Jan) Barnett, Kris Witter Ogden, Marilyn Hoag, Debbie Hunt Stivender

With toys collected for The Lake-Sumter Children's Advocacy Group are: Ross Moore, Robin Bass, and Debbie Shoop Simmons

With more toys are Sandra Carter Ginn, Meredith Kirste, and Mrs. Ross (Rayna) Moore

Rayna and Ross Moore, Terre James Peter

Sandra Ginn, Debbie Simmons, Danny Simmons, Betsy Barbieux, Kathie Ragan;

2nd row: Meredith Kirste, Mike Foard, Debbie Stivender, Marilyn Hoag, Kris Ogden, Sam Rixie, Ross Moore;

3rd row: Tom Keedy, Terre Peter, Dee Dee Mueller Gunter, Kenny Mitchem, Robin Bass


Below are December 19th, 2013, Holiday party pictures from Zachary's in Leesburg:

Glenna Hancock and Joannie Ohnstad Williams

posed beside toys collected for The Children's Advocacy Center.


Betsy Barbieux with her guest, Ted (left); and Marilyn Hoag's guest

Dennis Williams, Tom Keedy, Judi and Bill Kerr, Donnie Allison, Sam Rixie, and Meredith Kirste

Marilyn Hoag, Deborah Hunt Stivender, and Kristen Ogden

Donnie Allison, Meredith Kirste, Glenna Hancock, Carol Ann Morris Smith, Judi Sloan Kerr and Bill Kerr; and

Mike and Heather Dozier

Sam and Susan Rixie on left;Tom Keedy, Dennis Williams; and, Rayna and Ross Moore on right

Ted, Betsy Barbieux, Kris Ogden, Frank Stivender, Deborah Stivender, Marilyn Hoag and her guest

From left: Kenny Mitchem, Sandra Carter Ginn, Frank Stivender;

on right: Dennis Williams, Joannie Williams, and David Sopotnick


Below are pics taken at the December 4, 2012, get together of local LHS Class of 1970 classmates, and their guests. This holiday social was held at Levi's Bistro in downtown Leesburg. Meredith Kirste led a collection of gifts for The Children's Advocacy Center. As you can see, a great time was had by all!

Above: Kenny Mitchem, Betsy Barbieux, Marilyn Hoag, Dee Gunter, John Gunter,

Glenna Hancock, [photographer], and Connie Twiss Early


Above: Danny Simmons, Ross Moore, Tom Keedy, and Donnie Allison

Above: Danny Simmons, Heather Soileau, Mike Dozier, Tom Keedy, Robin Bass, and Debbie Simmons

Above with gifts for The Children's Advocacy Center, Danny Simmons, Rayna Moore, and Meredith Kirste

Above: Ross Moore, Tom Keedy, and Sam Rixie

Above at table, Jan Barnett, Ross Moore, Ann Carlton Johnson, Steve Johnson,

Meredith Kirste, Rayna Moore, and Susan Rixie;

in background: Jerry Carter, Mike Dozier, and Renee Ruth Carter

Above: Debbie Simmons, Cindi Swinford Mead, Marilyn Hoag, Kris Ogden, and Danny Simmons


Levi's Bistro printed a special menu for our group:

"Leesburg High School Class of 1970 Reunion"

Thanks to Mike Dozier for arranging this party!


Below are pics from the 2011 Holiday Party at Leesburg's Boat Club.


L-R, front: Ann Johnson, Kenny Mitchem, and Glenna Hancock,

back: Sandra Ginn, Barney Woodward, and Joanie Williams


Left to right: Cyndi Mead, Jim with Marilyn Hoag, and Mike Dozier


Kris Ogden and Ann Johnson

Glenna Hancock, Mike Dozier, and Debbie Stivender

Marilyn Hoag and Sandra Ginn

Rayna Moore, Susan Rixie, Mrs. Ernie (Jan) Barnett, and BFF's Meredith Kirste and Ann Johnson

Marilyn Hoag and Betsy Barbieux

Above: Glenna, Joannie and Dennis Williams, and Barnie

Below: Rayna and Ann

Judi, Betsy, and Carol Ann Smith

Karen and Rob English

Mike Dozier, Marilyn Hoag, and Ross Moore

Kris, Jan, Sam, Rayna, Smilin' Ross, Susan, and Ann


Comments copied from Facebook:

Elise Frazer What a great time that must have been! You all look wonderful!

Sam Barber Thank you for the pictures. Merry Christmas to all ho ho ho

Lynn Stegall Geohagan LOVE the pictures!!! My love to you ALL....MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Lynne Williams Frazier Wonderful, wonderful pictures! Wish we could have been there... Love and Merry Christmas to all my fantastic classmates!

Gail Exum Great Pictures. Sorry I missed the fun. Merry Christmas

Nancy Beyers Dyer Great to see all of you! Wishin' I could have been there too! A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you ALL! Have a Blessed New Year Classmates!